How does Agileload compare to other tools

Why choose AgileLoad as a performance testing tool ?

With Agileload, preparation time is minimized.  You’ll see in the videos that you can teach AgileLoad how to deal with complex Load testing transactions.  The more you use AgileLoad, the more efficient it becomes.  This can save hours and hours, when it comes to performance testing.  AgileLoad has a very broad monitoring capability.  

Anomaly detection uses built-in expertise to analyze results and help make recommendations.  Also, it has a very customizable reporting capability.  Within minutes you can have load test reports for the project manager, database, administrator and test manager levels, using the automated report output.  The fact that it’s customizable means that you can control the level of detail and the specific items that you want to appear in the report. 

The final two points, it’s free for setup and preparation for small test.  Large tests with AgileLoad have the lowest costs on the market and we don’t charge any more for Cloud testing.  For example, if you have an Amazon EC2 account, we could just plug into that and then use those Amazon data centers around the world, west coast, east coast, Asia, South America, Europe, and, I believe, South Africa now as well to generate load from around the world !

How does AgileLoad compare to other tools?

Performance testing tools comparaison

We compared AgileLoad to well-established commercial competition and found that AgileLoad achieves 30 to 45 percents savings, many of those savings in the model of user transactions, capture and in the generation of scripts and simulation.  AgileLoad has this ability to compare captured traffic with generated traffic and we’ll highlight areas that might need to be addressed in the script that’s produced, allowing you to quickly generate correct and accurate script.  

Load simulation is also simple. Our lightweight injector can be deployed simply by using any Cloud infrastructure or machines that you have in your data center.  Analysis and diagnostics using built-in expertise in AgileLoad help you quickly find remedial action for your performance problems, obviating the need for tuning modification corrections.  As mentioned in the previous article, reporting is very fast.  

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Will Agile load work with your applications ?

AgileLoad is suitable for testing all applications that use the HTTP protocol . This can be Web, Web 2.0, Ajax, Rich Internet Application, Web Services and Smart Clients such as WPF, Java or more complex Microsoft’s SharePoint, Oracle , SAP Net Weaver, and so on. 

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