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Performance test reporting

We spend a lot of time and effort creating our input, including designing the tests, capturing user trips and scripting, as well as, plugging the data in and setting up the platforms.  So that requires talent and effort, however, the real result is the reports.  Once you walk away from a project, that is how you would be judged because that is the sum total of the effort with the performance testing cycles.  That means the report has got to be very good.

In the case of AgileLoad, reporting is automatically generated but what we do suggest is that whoever is doing the test also adds an executive summary for key findings from the test.  Now, before the reports are generated, the results can give you a very early insight into the performance of the application.  In fact, even when the test is running and that might be the number of virtual users attained, the response times and any errors that we are getting back.  Such as performance of different parts of the infrastructure, the web server or application server and so on.  It’s a great way to get a first view of performance and start making a plan as to whether you’re  going to continue the test or stop the test and do some tuning.  Once the test is stopped, you can start making recommendations based on the output of your monitors.  

AgileLoad is pretty good for this by using anomaly detection.  You may or may not also have some performance engineers available with expertise.  But anomaly detection itself can actually give you ideas about the first steps for remedial action, i.e. fixing the performance bugs. 

As output, we have:

  • Performance test results:  Insight into performance of the target: VU’s attained, page response times and errors. These are used as a basis for the report and available as the test is running. That would be a great way to get an initial view of performance.
  • Recommendations: Anomaly detection and / or performance engineers’ expertise to set the first steps for remedial action.
  • Performance test report: Automatically generated, suggests to the tester to put key findings in the Executive Summary.

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Will Agile load work with your applications ?

AgileLoad is suitable for testing all applications that use the HTTP protocol . This can be Web, Web 2.0, Ajax, Rich Internet Application, Web Services and Smart Clients such as WPF, Java or more complex Microsoft’s SharePoint, Oracle , SAP Net Weaver, and so on. 

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