Task Group tab

To set up a load / performance test with Agile load the Task Group, Scripts, VU and Options tabs should be configured.

The Network Options, SLA, Rendezvous and Job Options tabs represent advanced use of AgileLoad. The functions of the tabs are described below.

Task Group (1st Tab)

The task group tab relates to the task group that is currently selected, each task group can have different parameters relating to when it will start, the injector it will use, and the number of iterations it will execute.

Task group tab

Name: Can be varied in line with your test plan or naming convention, the name must be unique

Injector: Normally will be localhost (the machine where AgileLoad Center is running) unless running a large test where remote injectors are required or a distributed test (cloud for example) where remote injectors are used.

Start: The Start mode and time of the test, a delayed or scheduled start can be specified here.

Stop: The stop mode and task group iterations or duration of the test can be specified here. Please refer to the previous paragraph to understand Task Group iterations and how they differ from Script iterations.

Description: Is optional

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