Creating a Job

Continuing from the Test Scenario Creation section using AgileLoad starter, we left AgileLoad starter at the ‘Modify & Validate Scenario’ stage, now we move onto the ‘Create a Load Test’ stage.




This is a simplified way to create a load test; all that needs to be specified are the number of virtual users (VU) we want to assign to the test and the ramp up time. The ramp up time is important because if all of the users are introduced in one go the site can be crashed which is not productive when trying to understand the performance of a web site or application. The test should be given a name and the number of iterations of the scenario that should be executed should be specified, then the test is ready to run. This can be done by hitting the Start button. Alternatively the scenario can be edited. There is more information on editing scenarios using AgileLoad Center in the text below. When the test is running AgileLoad Starter will automatically switch to the Monitoring Tab and show the HTTP Overview (see screenshot). More information on perusing this part of the interface is detailed below. Using this view it is possible to investigate the results of the test in real time as the test is executing.




At this point AgileLoad Starter has moved onto the ‘Monitoring’ stage. This will be detailed in the Analysis & Reporting section of the AgileLoad site.

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