Collector in test

Open a job, drag and drop your window profile (here windows_bookstore) into collectors list or click on Add button.

Add a collector

If you change injector machine, do not forget to set Daemon Authentication configuration as described in prerequisites section.

Click on Start button (start button). Your windows collector must have a status of Running.


During the run test, you can visualize Windows collector statistics using the Monitoring repository tree tab.


Double click on Overview, under Windows\[profile name] folder.

The Windows Overview displays all statistics as charts and grids in a single tabbed window which help to obtain a global vision of what is happening on the server.

Windows boostore

The other items are each statistic displayed as a chart with more capabilities (overlapping series, scales, titles, legend, colors, fonts, ...), they are helpful to merge/compare results with others.

For example, we merge Processor User Time (Windows collector statistic) with Active Virtual Users (Injector statistic).

performance monitoring


You can visualize Windows collector statistics after the running test on Result repository tree tab.



These statistics can also be used in the AgileLoad Report Designer. You can create your own chart and table templates.


For .Net, IIS, Hyper-V collectors, this tutorial is relevant.

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