IP Generator Tool

IP Generator Tool

The IP Generator tool is used to add or remove IP addresses on the different network adapters. IP addresses defined by the IP Generator Tool do not persist. When the host is stopped, they are removed.

If the 'Add IP on first AgileLoad Daemon start' check box is checked, the IP addresses created during the previous boot are created again when the AgileLoad Daemon is started.

A network adapter can be specified in the Adapter Combo box.

IP Generator allows the following:

  • To add a single IP address,

  • To add a range of IP addresses.

The IP addresses that have already been defined on the specified Adapter are listed in the "IP Address List"

To remove IP addresses, select them from the list and click the 'Remove' button.

IP Spoofing Information Tab

Network options Tab (for Scripts Task Groups only)

The Network Options option is used :

  • to specify a set of IP addresses that the different virtual users will use to execute the HTTP/S requests.

  • to limit the bandwidth that the different virtual users use to execute the HTTP/S requests.

IP Spoofing Options

An IP address is associated to each virtual user at the beginning of the job. The virtual user uses this same address until the job ends.

IP addresses specified in this window must be created before the job is started. The AgileLoad IP Generator Tool (menu Tools/IP Generator) can be used to create the IP Addresses.

To enable the IP Spoofing option, check the IP Spoofing "Check box".
Select one of the three radio-buttons to specify the IP Addresses set to use:

  • Number

  • Range

  • List

Number radio button

The Number edit box is used to specify the number of different IP addresses that the AgileLoad HTTP/S injector will use. If the specified number is greater than the number of IP addresses available on the injector host, a warning message will be logged in the TestAudit log at the beginning of the job.

Range radio button

Used to specify a range of IP addresses. Only the IP addresses available on the injector host between the Min. and Max. IP addresses will be considered.

List radio button

It allows to specify a list of IP addresses. The IP addresses that will be used are listed in the Selected list. The '...' button is used to fill the 'Available' list with the IP addresses that have been previously defined on the injector host (specified in the task group tab.)

  1. Select a few IP addresses from the Available list.

  2. Click the IP Spoofing Add button button; the IP addresses are added to the Selected List.

To remove IP addresses from the Selected list:

  1. Select the IP addresses in the Selected list.

  2. Click the IPSpoofList button.

Bandwidth limit Options

Click the "Select" option and select a pre-configured bandwidth in the drop-down list


Click the "Custom" option and enter a custom bandwidth (in bits per seconds) in the "Custom (bits/s)" field.

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