Find Injectors tool

Find Injectors on the Network

This feature is used to populate a list of injectors (host on which a AgileLoad daemon is installed) that could be used as part of a distributed job.

Select the "Tools/Find Injectors on Network..." menu option to open it.
The list of injectors can be populated manually or automatically by scanning the network.


Injector list and details

The left side of the FindInjectors Dialog box displays the list of injectors that have been inserted manually or automatically using the scan network feature.

The green icon is shown beside the host name if a AgileLoad daemon is currently running on it.
The red icon is shown beside the host name if a AgileLoad daemon is currently stopped on it.
The IP Address and the listening port of the AgileLoad Damon is also displayed for each injector.

Manually defining a new injector

To manually define a new injector, select the "New"  icon. The following dialog box will appear:

Specify the Host name (or IP Address) and the listening port of the new injector AgileLoad Daemon.

Scanning the network

The "scan network" feature will find the AgileLoad Daemon currently running on the network. Click the ScanNetwork icon; the following dialog box will appear:

  1. Select a Port number (default 15140) or a Port Range.
  2. Press the "Scan" button; all the hosts on which a AgileLoad Daemon is running are inserted in Injector list.

Injector details

To obtain details about an injector system configuration, select it from the Injector list. System information is displayed on the right side of the dialog box:

  • Operating system version
  • Physical Memory size
  • Number of processors
  • Characteristics of the processors

Click the Refresh button located on the top of the Injector Details section to refresh the characteristics of the currently selected injector.

Saving the Injector list

Click the Save button to save the injector list. If the AgileLoad Center is closed then reopened the injector list will be populated with the previously saved injector list.

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