Comparison of Agileload Licenses

Agileload is "pay as you go" load testing

When you install Agileload, the free license allows you to record scenarios, launch tests up to 10 concurrent users and analyze test results. The rental license allows you to execute unlimited performance tests with a maximum of simultaneous users on a defined timeframe. This rental license gives you full access to all technologies performance collector with no extra cost The license can be activated at your convenience after purchase

Recording and replay of user scenarios
Graphic browsing by storyboard
Dynamic data correlation
Data bank managment
Scalable load generation
Real time monitoring
Anomaly diagnostic
Custom report creation
Full infrastructure monitoring
Max number of virtual users
Free License

10 VU

50-50.000 VU
Days or weeks

Upon request
Load test scenario creation

Learn how to capture user scenario, make your load test script data driven, make modular scenarios, extract data from script, teach agileload how to manage dynamic parameters ect...

Load test setup and run

Learn how to design, execute and analyse a load test in AgileLoad. Define virtual users scenarios, ramp up, iteration, rendez-vous points, SLA... with Agile load

Agent based monitoring

Learn how to diagnose performance problems by setting up performance montior specifics to your application and infrastructure with Agile load

Load test reporting and analysis

Learn how to manage your loas test anomalies list, build your custom reports templates and generate powerful load test resports with Agile load