AgileLoad Features

How can AgileLoad help you get the best performance out of your application ?

AgileLoad is an enterprise-class performance testing solution for optimizing the performance of your web applications. 

An enterprise performance testing solution

  • simulates user load on business applications to validate performance
  • provides visibility and insight into performance behavior
  • diagnoses the root causes of the problem.

Provide an immediate ROI

  • Free Scripting - Build all your load test scenarios and setup your tests without paying any fee
  • Full support of dynamic web and mobile technologies 
  • Ergonomic and easy to use - Automatic recording and play back of test scenarios, full set of preconfigured monitoring thresholds for anomalies detections
  • Excellent monitoring and comprehensive analysis diagnostics 
  • Highly customizable test reports
  • Take the right decisions to rapidly improve your application performance

Simplify performance testing design, analysis and reporting

  • Intuitive graphic interface that lets you capture and design sophisticated business scenarios.
  • Automatic detection and analysis of performance issues
  • Highly customizable scripting and reporting engine to suit all your business and load testing needs

Support performance testing across the application lifecycle

  • Helps you establish intelligent service level agreements (SLA) 
  • Get an accurate picture of end to end system performance
  • Prevent performance problems by detecting bottlenecks before system deployment 
  • Verify that application meets specified performance requirements and avoid production issues

Automate performance testing of the most complex Web applications

  • Test against a broad range of applications and protocols
  • Record and replay RIAs using a variety of Web 2.0 technologies
  • Measurable and repeatable load generation with system and end user monitoring
  • Pinpoints hard-to-find bottlenecks in the back-end application infrastructure

Gives you flexibility in your project

  • The tool lets you build and test all your performance test scenarios for free
  • You buy extra virtual users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis according to your test planning
  • No extra cost on cloud or specific technologies. AgileLoad is a fully featured load testing tool

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Agile Load 5.4 - Last updates :

Product category: Load testing tool
Product information: AgileLoad is an enterprise-class performance testing solution for optimizing the performance of your web applications. AgileLoad simulates user load on business applications to validate performance. If an application fails to perform, AgileLoad provides visibility and insight into performance behaviour and immediately diagnoses the root causes of the problem.

Features: Free scripting, load testing and reporting up to 10 virtual user
Upgrade license from 50 to 5000 Virtual users: from: 75€ per day

Operating system :Windows 2003/XP and up
Size :104 MB
Url: Download AgileLoad testing tool
Load test scenario creation

Learn how to capture user scenario, make your load test script data driven, make modular scenarios, extract data from script, teach agileload how to manage dynamic parameters ect...

Load test setup and run

Learn how to design, execute and analyse a load test in AgileLoad. Define virtual users scenarios, ramp up, iteration, rendez-vous points, SLA... with Agile load

Agent based monitoring

Learn how to diagnose performance problems by setting up performance montior specifics to your application and infrastructure with Agile load

Load test reporting and analysis

Learn how to manage your loas test anomalies list, build your custom reports templates and generate powerful load test resports with Agile load